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  • Sean Karoonian

Augmented Reality Experience Raises Awareness for Polar Bears

How AVARA and PBI are using an augmented reality experience to help a species on the edge.

A new augmented reality experience created by AVARA Media and Polar Bears International (PBI) launched last Friday. Just in time for Polar Bear Week, the project hopes to keep polar bears on our minds by putting them on our phones.

Before we talk about the polar bear experience, let’s talk about polar bears.

Through the magic of augmented reality, we have created an immersive and engaging experience that allows users around the world to explore the arctic and learn about the challenges polar bears are facing in our current environment.

Polar bears rely on Arctic sea ice to hunt seals, their primary source of food. As global temperatures rise and sea ice melts, polar bears have an increasingly difficult time hunting. As a result, polar bear populations have dropped precipitously in recent years.


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