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AVARA Launches Interactive Polar Bear Augmented Reality Experience Depicting the Impact of Humankind on Arctic Environment


The Latest Augmented Reality Release, in Collaboration with Polar Bears International, Aims to Inspire Ongoing Educational & Action Programs that Address Issues Threatening Polar Bears and Arctic Sea Ice


Toronto, Canada / November 1, 2019 – AVARA Media Inc. announces the release of an Augmented Reality (AR) experience that transports people to the Arctic. Simulated on Devon Island, Nunavut, Canada, this unique experience allows people to interact with polar bears and explore the beautiful habitat they journey on. With the support of Polar Bears International, the only non-profit organization with a sole focus on polar bears and their sea ice habitat, the goal is to raise awareness about the impacts of human activity on our planet and its wildlife, including the polar bear. The AR experience serves as a new initiative for Polar Bears International as part of its seventh annual Polar Bear Week, happening November 3-9, 2019.

The Arctic Polar Bear experience raises awareness surrounding climate action, life-on-land, and life-below-water, to highlight our collective ecological impact on the planet - in alignment with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. While polar bears are strong hunters, the loss of sea ice driven by climate change is testing the limits of their survival abilities, forcing them to either head ashore, where they can't hunt their main seal prey, or to embark on long swims in search of sea ice. 

“Through the magic of Augmented Reality we have created an immersive and engaging experience that allows users around the world to explore the Arctic and learn about the challenges polar bears are facing in our current environment,” commented Vikas Gupta, CEO of AVARA. “This is a beautiful and important experience that blends entertainment and education and we are delighted to work with Polar Bears International to raise awareness about polar bears and climate change, while helping to empower a global audience with sustainability efforts towards a healthier planet.”

Within each AR experience provided by AVARA, factual information is made available to users in order to raise awareness about our actions and the impact on the planet - while freely interacting with a range of virtual environments to discover animals, habitats, and issues that we face from a conservational & educational perspective. 

“We’re excited to join AVARA in launching the Arctic Polar Bear experience in conjunction with this year’s Polar Bear Week,” said Krista Wright, Executive Director of Polar Bears International. “During Polar Bear Week, we not only celebrate polar bears, but also focus attention on the threats they face and the actions needed to save them. This Augmented Reality experience fits perfectly with those goals — letting users immerse themselves in the polar bear’s world while learning about ways to help.”

“Climate change is one of the biggest issues our planet is facing and is a threat to life on land and life below water. Through AVARA’s AR experiences, we are sharing the important narrative of how so many species are being impacted and bringing much needed attention, awareness, and education to a global audience,” said Edward Burtynsky, Chief Visionary of AVARA. 

The latest AVARA app update in collaboration with Polar Bears International is now available to download on Google Play and Apple App Store. To activate the experience, download the accompanying Augmented Reality Trigger here from AVARA’s website. As part of AVARA’s business model, 10% of all future revenue from the AVARA Polar Bear AR experience will be donated to Polar Bears International to support ongoing research, education, and action programs addressing the issues that are endangering polar bears in the Arctic region.



AVARA Media Inc. was founded by Vikas Gupta, an award winning Interactive Digital Media executive, and Edward Burtynsky, renowned as one of the most important contemporary photographers of our time, with the objective of experientially connecting global audiences to issues around humankind’s influence on the planet.


AVARA Media Inc. brings the world to life on your mobile screen through the magic of Augmented Reality, transporting you to extraordinary places, moments, and interactions across the globe.  The company has created a proprietary technology platform that enables the most immersive, interactive, and engaging Augmented Reality experiences possible. 


AVARA’s vision is to ‘Build Better Worlds’. The company is fulfilling this vision by leveraging its Augmented Reality technology platform to inform, impact, and influence people across the globe to create change agents for a healthier planet.  AVARA’s press kit is available here, or for more information visit


Media Contact


Sean Karoonian: 


About Polar Bears International

Polar Bears International’s mission is to conserve polar bears and the sea ice they depend on. Through media, science, and advocacy, we work to inspire people to care about the Arctic, the threats to its future, and the connection between this remote region and our global climate. PBI is the only nonprofit organization dedicated solely to wild polar bears and Arctic sea ice, and our staff includes scientists who study wild polar bears. We are recognized leaders in polar bear conservation. For more information, visit


Media Contacts


Annie Edwards, for Polar Bears International — U.S.

T: 503-277-3585


Shalynn Mortillaro, for Polar Bears International — Canada

T: 647-614-1737

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