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AVARA is developing a proprietary technology engine named Dune, with Blockchain and cryptocurrency at its foundation, that enables the monetization of digital assets within AR/VR and other apps. This comprehensive platform manages all in-app transactions, the authenticity, legitimacy, and rights associated with digital assets.

The Dune Engine utilizes Blockchain to create a ubiquitous economy shared across a spectrum of platforms, applications, and video games with real world connections and transactions. These connections and the digital economy deepen as the Dune Engine and its APIs are used by third parties globally.



Dynamic Content Generation

algorithms that allow capabilities in VR and AR that enhance the experiences through every-changing environments thereby delivering a greater degree of realism 


Users will have the ability to influence, change, and impact every environment to make it continuously unique, dynamic, and community driven thereby creating a new experience each time for every user


Blockchain & Cryptocurrency

at the core foundation of the Dune Engine enable universal transactions in-app, across apps, and into the real world providing ubiquitous interoperability for digital goods and transactions



Technology - Dune Engine

At the core of all AVARA’s content will be the Dune Engine which will power our VR/AR experiences, manage the Blockchain and cryptocurrency tokens, and enable dynamic and user generated content. The Dune Engine will be the central system that manages the full spectrum of features and capabilities.


With the Dune Engine, capabilities such as user generated actions are enabled within an application that are propagated, in real-time, to all other users. Each connected instance of an experience will change based on what every user does within it and how they interact with the environment. Furthermore,  content generation algorithms will change the experience depending on location and time based events, such as weather, lighting conditions, time of day, etc. The engine will connect to AVARA servers and the Blockchain to support these types of events as well as multi-player experiences.


With the use of Blockchain and cryptocurrency, each experience will feature a comprehensive economy where digital and real world transactions can take place. Any application utilizing the Dune Engine will connect to this economy and have access to a system that transcends traditional digital commerce.

The engine will include APIs and extensions for use by third-party developers and other companies to ensure easy integration of our tokens into their applications and businesses. The Dune Engine will be compatible with the game engines Unreal and Unity, the leading VR/AR content generation platforms.

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