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Purpose Driven Technology Company

Our vision is "Building Better Worlds". We are leveraging the magic of Augmented Reality to experientially connect a global audience to the biggest environmental and ecological issues our planet is facing. We do this in a fun, entertaining, and interactive manner. Our objective is to inform, impact, and influence people across the globe to transform them into change agents for a healthier planet.

The immersive power of Augmented Reality can offer users the sensory experience of visiting the most extraordinary moments in time and remarkable places on the planet, far too often experienced by only a very few. Our technology platform enables AR experiences that transport people to the most unique places, moments, and interactions around the world far beyond their imagination.


Our team is developing a sophisticated proprietary technology platform that enables the most extraordinary augmented reality experiences by pushing technological boundaries to their limits. 

The magic of augmented reality enables us to transport people to the most extraordinary places, moments, and interactions to experientially be immersed in some of the most important topics related to humankind's impact on the planet.

AVARA is led by industry experts with a proven track record or success:

Vikas Gupta


A proven digital media veteran and charismatic leader with an entrepreneurial DNA in technology, media, and entertainment industries

Edward Burtynsky


One of the most important and influential fine art photographers of our time, exploring major social & environmental topics across the globe

Scott Herman


A unique blend of technical knowledge, creative intuition, and entrepreneurial spirit with a strong academic background in computer science, VR, and AR



We work with various partners on collaborative projects to inspire global audiences through the magic of augmented reality.

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