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Our vision is: "Building Better Worlds".

Through the magic of Augmented Reality technology we strive to inform, impact, and influence people across the globe to create change agents for a healthier planet.


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AR Experiences

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Our vision is to build better worlds by informing, impacting, and influencing people across the globe to transform them into change agents for a healthier planet.


Our team is developing a sophisticated proprietary technology platform that enables the most extraordinary augmented reality experiences by pushing technological boundaries to their limits. 

The magic of augmented reality enables us to interactively learn about important topics including climate action, life-on-land, and life below water, to highlight our collective impact on the planet through rewarding experiences - in alignment with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

AVARA was founded in 2018 by digital media & gaming industry veteran Vikas Gupta, and world renowned photographer Edward Burtynsky. The leadership team includes:

Vikas Gupta


A proven digital media veteran and charismatic leader with an entrepreneurial DNA in technology, media, and entertainment industries

Edward Burtynsky


One of the most important and influential fine art photographers of our time, exploring major social & environmental topics across the globe

Scott Herman


A unique blend of technical knowledge, creative intuition, and entrepreneurial spirit with a strong academic background in computer science, VR, and AR

Sean Karoonian

Head of Marketing

An acclaimed full-stack marketer, public speaker, and lecturer, with a decade of international video gaming, events, and entertainment experience

Purpose-Driven Technology

We place the biggest issues about our impact on the planet right into the palm of your hand. Technology has advanced humankind to an unparalleled stage of innovation. And yet it has also fuelled many of our most significant environmental issues. Our technology platform can help resolve these issues by building a global audience of change agents.

The immersive power of Augmented Reality can offer users the sensory experience of visiting the most extraordinary moments in time and remarkable places on the planet, far too often experienced by only a very few. Our technology platform enables AR experiences which transport people to the most unique places, moments, and interactions around the world far beyond their imagination.

By using the mobile app together with our augmented reality markers, these amazing 360° experiences are brought to life for all to enjoy in full 3D, with unprecedented functionality and capability. Through the art of play we transport people from the comfort of their homes to unique locations across the globe.​​​​​​


We work with various partners on collaborative projects to inspire global audiences through the magic of augmented reality.