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Select Projects

AVARA's state-of-the-art AR technology has been utilized in some of the most compelling and important ways to demonstrate how the magic of Augmented Reality can connect people to the most pressing environmental and sustainability issues on the planet. Here are a few select projects.

Biinaagami AR

Biinaagami AR is a trailblazing Augmented Reality project about the Great Lakes. Bringing together innovation, state-of-the-art technology, Indigenous Learnings Biinaagami AR will take people on discoveries and explorations of the Great Lakes through immersive and Interactive 3D experiences. This project aims to engage a global audience with the Great Lakes, the second largest fresh watershed on the planet.

Biinaagami is a collaboration between AVARA, Royal Canadian Geographic Society, CanGeo, Swim Drink Fish, Indigenous Leaders, with support provided by RBC Tech For Nature.

Biinaagami is a shared responsibility. We celebrate the Great Lakes — and advocate for their cultural and ecological sustainability. To share the stories of the watershed. To bring people together. To help communities, organizations and people help each other take collective action to ensure the health of this incredible resource.

Through Indigenous teachings, community science, an interactive portal, education and engagement, Biinaagami is a resource for the entire planet — to celebrate the important work happening to raise awareness and restore this precious watershed.

Brita - Drink Like You Care

How big is a pile of 1,800 plastic water bottles? 

When Brita launched their "Drink Like You Care" campaign they wanted people to recognize the massive impact of switching to a Brita system and that a single Brita eliminates 1,800 plastic water bottles per family per year. That's a lot of water bottles! But, seeing is believing. AVARA designed and developed an emotional AR experience that connects people to the importance of eliminating single use plastics and how every individual can make a positive impact on our fragile planet.

AVARA Promo Video

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Press Kit

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